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Free Web Tools

Our aim is to become the premier destination for webmasters by providing all the tools you need to successfully create professional websites.

Choose from our great selection of website add-ons for webmasters. Free Web Tools found in this section were built to assist webmasters in designing and adjusting their website(s) for search engine optimization with different search engines. Feel free to select one of the webmaster tools to begin optimizing your website.

Search Engine Lists
We have compiled a list of New Age/Pagan/Metaphysical Search Engines/Directories for you to hand submit your site to.  PLUS direct links to some of the major search engines.  Best of ALL the links take you to the FREE submission area on the sites.

HTML Color Codes
Easily find HTML color codes for your website using our color picker, color chart and HTML color names with Hex color codes, RGB and HSL values.

Tool Box 1
Color & Font Picker * CSS Validator * CSS Generator * CSS Generator (Advanced) * Drop Down Menu Maker * HTML Validator * Keyword Density Analyzer * Popup Maker * Javascript Mouseover Maker * Link Checker * Link Popularity Comparison Tool * Meta Tag Creator * Meta Tag Viewer * Table Maker * Table Maker (Advanced) * Link Extractor * HTTP Headers * HTML Optimizer * HTML Encrypter * htaccess URL Rewrite * Spider View

Tool Box 2
* Google banned * Google datacenter search * Index checker * Keyword Suggestion Tool * Link popularity * Ranking tool * Search engine position * Url redirect checker * Visual pagerank * Browser details * Alexa Traffic Rank * Broken link checker * Domain lookup * IP Location * Reverse IP/Look-up * Server status * Website speed test * Link Extractor

Tool Box 3
* Webpage Analyzer * C Class Checker * Crontab Entry Generator * Domain Name Checker * Dreamweaver Code Cleaner * Frontpage Code Cleaner * Determine Country From IP * Spam List Check * Websafe Color Tool * Whois Lookup

Tool Box 4
* Alexa Rank Comparison * Code To Text Ratio * CPM Advertising ROI Calculator * Email Encrypter * Google Dance Tool * Gradient Image Maker * .htaccess Ban Generator * .htaccess Password Generator * Screen Resolution Comparison Tool * Text Diff Tool * Advanced Text Diff Tool

Tool Box 5
* Competition Research Tool * Advanced Meta Tag Generator * Robots.txt Syntax Checker * Robots.txt Generator * Broken Link Checker * Color Converter * HTML Converter * Page Rank Predictor * Image Optimizer * Favicon Generator

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Search Engine Submission and Optimization





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