Data Feeds

Connect With Marketplaces & Storefronts

We equip you with wholesale product data for many popular marketplaces and shopping carts.

Bad Ass Tribe equips retailers with wholesale inventory data for many popular marketplaces and shopping carts.
- Open Cart
- Zen Cart
- Woo Cart (Word Press) (pending)
  We can also streamline manufacturer product taxonomy to meet common requirements for, eBay, and other channels.
- Shopify  (pending)
- Amazon (pending)
- Ebay (pending)
- Google Shopping (pending)

Our dropship data feeds that will make your life easier

Creating your Data Feed for every site you sell products on can take up an incredible amount of time. Time that you could be spending enriching your content and identifying key new opportunities for your business.
Bad Ass Tribe Product Content Management Platform pulls your team out of excel hell and helps you get to market faster by:
- Creating a trusted source of product content for your whole business
- Making it simple to add recommended content for each partner

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